Waiting at a bus stop

Bus stops are places of impending change. We wait for something to happen that will bring us to a new place. A new time. We give up our time and nothing else in exchange for a change of scenery. Some cost money, but the ultimate cost is waiting. Wait for the bus. Wait for the stop. Wait. Nothing is supposed to happen other than waiting. Nothing can change the amount of waiting. Nothing except waiting occurs. Waiting for change. It is different than waiting for something. Something might be nothing. Waiting for a diagnosis is hoping that nothing changes. Waiting for a package is waiting for something to appear, not change. Waiting for something that might not happen is less waiting and more worrying. But waiting for a schedule and known change is unique. It is merely a matter of time. A matter of time before the change takes place. Like wakeful sleeping, time simply passes as it is supposed to, at it's prescribed pace, until it is the right time for things to change

Written: Sat Oct 12 2019