There's a small grocery store at the edge of everything.

It's not very large or noticeable, but it's there. No flashy advertisements point there, though it would be hard to miss if you were looking for it. The kind of place that's there for those who need it, or at the very least those who find it. Why would you need a grocery store at the edge of the void? To buy groceries, obviously. Not that anything is coming back from the nothingness with the munchies, nor does anyone heading into the abyss needs a TV dinner. No one lives in the area either, so there's no locals or regulars there. To call it a formality gives the utterly wrong impression. Calling it a "useless necessity" is a little closer, if not oxymoronic verging on paradoxical. More than anything, it is there because it stays in business. An obvious point, so much so that it is odd to put it that way. Who's to say the exact reason a place like that can stay in business, selling everyday goods to those who need them least. That being said, buying a Snickers before hurling oneself into nothingness seems much less weird when witnessed. In theory it is pure nonsense, however once there it makes perfect sense to buy a bag of chips that are on sale. How could you pass up an offer like that? Sure you are within inches of total annihilation, but how is that going to stop you from buying some gum for later?

Written: Thu Feb 08 2018