On Houses and Building Them

Anyone can, in theory, build a house. Nothing about houses is necessarily impossible for an everyman to build. That does not mean that everyone can build a house perfectly on their first or second try, or even on the hundredth try. Yet everyone can build a house to some extent. Even a toddler, given enough blocks and time, can construct a house. The complexity of the house is limited by factors such as skill, resources available, and other such circumstances. Some people may specialize in building homes, and others might specialize in maintaining them, and still others focus on the mere study of houses, while the general population simply lives in them. Everyone has a relationship to houses (even the lack thereof in the case of the homeless) and as such can construct one. Once a mental image has been formed, no matter how vague or broad, that mental image can be brought into reality. In this way anyone can build a house

Written: Sat Feb 03 2018