All pain has opposition.

For every kind of pain, there is an equal and opposite kind of relief. When you're burning up with a fever, the cool ice pack makes it hurt less. When you've torn your skin open, putting pressure on it helps. A sore muscle can be comforted with a massage. But very rarely there is pain unbalanced. A pain so gruesome and forceful it cannot possibly be reconciled. Pain in which the only possible option is more pain. Pain where it seems reasonable to induce more pain, because at least then you'll know the cause and cure. This pain, this unimaginable and unassailable pain, is where all pain stems from. Even the slightest pin prick originates from this endless well of pain. It cannot be conquered, nor can it be understood. To claim victory over it is impossible as it requires an annihilation of self, for that pain is an integral part of being alive. The best we can do, and in truth the only thing we can do short of being defeated by it, is endure it. Face it head on and accept that it is beyond our power to control, yet we cannot let it control us. For when even pain itself is no longer feared, only then can we rise above all that holds us back.

Written: Thu Dec 14 2017