Why I listen to lofi

Lofi is a unique genre. No other music has dozens 24/7 youtube streams, all providing free listening to suit any taste. Some have thousands of listeners tuned into an anime girl doing her homework, some have just a few listeners calmly going on a virtual tour of Japan. The variety is staggering, search it up on spotify and you can scroll through the playlists for hours, with seemingly endless vapourwave album covers featuring popular characters and cool colour palettes, each with a carefully curated selection of music designed to match a certain mood. r/lofihiphop is an endless flow of new content, from aspiring producers dropping their first tracks to veteran artists sharing their most recent tapes. This variety is made possible by a loving community of creators and listeners. Lofi stays true to its name: Low Fidelity.

Lofi is a community of countless anonymous artists who have reimagined the lofi aesthetic to capture their own feelings, riffing and remixing themes and samples, and adding their own personal touch until they've shaped a song to fit their specific niche. Cassettes and vinyl are darlings of the community, their fuzzy warmth lovingly transposed into digital in an effort to preserve the nostalgic character. It is a genre that thrives on rough edges and low production costs, often made by individuals working alone in home studios. In an age of technological reproducibility, when producing an album is cheaper than ever, it's wonderful to see artists pouring their memories and dreams into short albums that can be shared and remixed by others who feel the same way. Good lofi sounds like listening to page out of a strangers journal without feeling intrusive. With the rise of easily accessible sample kits, production tools, and learning resources, anyone can get inspired to try their hand and composing an original piece of music.

To all the artists of this incredible genre, thank you so much for being courageous enough to put your work out there and inspiring others to do the same. None of this would be possible without you. And to all the listeners out there, keep listening. Keep searching and listening to whatever feels right, and if the inspiration strikes, don't be afraid to make something of your own. Even a playlist shared between a few friends can spread stunning work that might inspire someone else. So keep producing, listening, making, vibing, and inspiring because that's exactly what lofi is all about.

Written: Fri Apr 17 2020